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8 reasons you should keep an emotional support animal for psychological disorders - 2022 Guide

Emotional support animals (ESAs) have become a rich source of support and love for the people suffering from mental issues in these chaotic times. Hence, it is often recommended for individuals with mental issues to get an ESA. An ESA is recommended by a healthcare professional using an emotional support animal letter. The professional prescribes the ESA after comprehensively analyzing the mental health condition of the individual.

This letter can be used as an ESA letter for housing to get accommodation anywhere even if pets are not allowed. Also, this letter allows the animals to travel on airplanes with the owners. ESAs provide numerous benefits to psychologically ill individuals. 8 of the key benefits why ESAs help with psychological orders are listed below:

ESAs are more patient and tolerant

An ESA always remains calm and patient with its owner despite the mood swings that the owner may display. People who suffer from any sort of mental illness often display anxious behaviors. Whenever such people encounter the triggers that make them anxious, they start to behave in an over-sensitive, and irrational way and are easily irritated and agitated. This is why people tend to avoid such individuals and hence they become even more lonely.

However, an ESA never leaves the side of its owner even if the owner shows distorted behavior. Hence, one of the many reasons to get an ESA is that they will never leave your side and will show more patience than human beings in your tough times.

Hugs and Physical Contact

Physical contact has many therapeutic effects on human beings. A genuine hug is considered the easiest, instant, and most effective way of calming down a stressed-out individual and curing anxiety, depression, and other mental issues instantly.

The ESA letter that makes an animal qualified to give emotional support to its owner needs to be thoroughly signed by a mental health expert. Only then can the animal be registered as an ESA.

Physical touch also results in the release of two main stress relieving and relaxing hormones, dopamine, and serotonin. These hormones not only regulate and control mood swings and also make a person happier and content.

A mentally disturbed person who often has no one to rely upon emotionally and physically too. This is why most of them are depressed and lonely. In such a scenario, an ESA is the only creature that can provide unconditioned and endless hugs and snuggles to its owner. Henceforth, to reduce stress and become happy, get an ESA and enjoy a never-ending supply of hugs.

Social connection and support

Social connection and a sense of belonging are the significant and critical parts of the lives of human beings, individuals who lack them suffer from mental stresses and end up becoming mentally and psychologically ill.

In such a situation, an animal can be sufficient to provide a sense of belonging and may also become a source of social connection for its owner. Hence, having an esa letter online when you feel socially disconnected and hence stressed out, can help you get out of this situation.

A source of distraction

People with mental disabilities often have few triggers or causes that either make them mentally ill or aggravate their symptoms. For instance, the common causes include joblessness, lack of friends and family support, financial issues, relationship crisis, etc. In such scenarios animals in the form of ESAs can distract you through their cute and playful antics from the triggers and causes of the mental illness.

Not only will ESAs help you forget your issues for a while but will also provide you with an enjoyable and full of fun company. After getting re-energized from these animals, you can better think of the solution to your main issue too. Hence, get an ESA to have some time out from your life problems causing the distress.

Calmness Guaranteed

According to medical science experts, an emotional support dog letter can help you calm down instantly. Some reports even validate the fact that even watching the animals that you get joy from can relieve your anxiety and make you feel calm. Hence, imagine if you can calm down by watching the videos only, how powerful will be the impact of having an ESA in your life all the time.

Gentle behavior

The worst thing that a mentally disturbed person has to face is the not so gentle behavior of people around them who keep looking down upon them due to their condition. And the best possible thing they can get in such a painful time of their life is gentle behavior even if it is from a stranger.

However, it is very unlikely that a person will every time get treated gently by the people around him or her. The only solution to this is having an ESA. ESAs are often pros in sensing the behaviors and moods of their owners. Hence, they also tend to change their behavior when they identify that their owners are showing signs of distress.

In such a scenario, not only will they show more care and gentleness but will also increase in hugging and snuggling with you. Hence, if you want to experience the epitome of gentle behavior, get an ESA as soon as possible

Non Judgemental nature

One of the major problems faced by psychologically disabled individuals is the stereotyping, stigmatization, and prejudices of the people. Such behaviors cause the worsening of the mental health of the already disturbed individuals.

ESA's however are never judgemental and never condition their love and care with their judgments. Hence, to improve the psychological health of a person, the unconditional love and care of ESAs prove to be a gamechanger.

Other benefits

Other benefits of the ESAs for the psychological well-being of a person include the provision of comfort, zealous caring, enjoyment, fun, love, balance in life, and most importantly the 24/7 companionship.

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