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How to write so that no inspector finds fault One of my main fears before the exam is the fear of not meeting the expectations of parents and teachers. These are the people who have made me so successful. Therefore, before each Olympiad and exam, I was afraid that I would not be able to justify their hopes, but I always hoped for the best. At the same time, the source of fear has always been only my own responsibility, and not pressure from adults. Due to the fact that I put maximum effort into my preparation, I did not particularly worry before the exam. It was clear that the evening before the exam, I was unlikely to be able to change anything. Although before writing the essay, I was worried: this exam was the most difficult for me. To cope with anxiety, I reviewed old records, used and educational videos - it helped. Thus, I was able to pass the exam successfully On the exam itself, the first thing I did was look at the tasks that caused me the most questions. In history, for example, the most difficult task was to show knowledge of world history. It is very difficult for me to remember so many different dates that have nothing to do with the history of our country. But on the exam, I was lucky: the topics turned out to be familiar, using, which allowed me to correctly analyze the topic, I realized that I could write everything easily. Although at the exit from the audience I still doubted that I could make a mistake in the test part. And yet, if you adequately prepare and write everything in such a way that not a single inspector finds fault, it is quite possible to pass humanitarian subjects by 100 points.And in order to write the second part well, you need to proofread my paper for introspection and not be afraid to write a lot. If you are asked to write an argument, this does not mean that it should consist of one sentence. It should be a full-fledged proof with an introduction, main idea, and conclusion. Clearly revealing all thoughts. But there is no one recipe for all tasks - it is difficult to take into account all their features at the same time. How to remember facts quickly and for life At the school where I studied, we wrote samples three times a year, so I roughly understood my level of knowledge: I can write for 90 points. But, of course, having learned my result, I was shocked and felt real delight. I did not expect that I would get 100 points, but they have always been my dream - both in history and in social studies. Still, when you prepare every day, you want your efforts to pay off. I have always been an excellent student: I tried to study well and go to all classes. I prepared quite standardly, but I used mnemonics - memorization with the help of associations.

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